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Re: [suse-security] How do I encrypt the swap (partition[s]) under SuSE 9.3 Prof ?

Christoph Merk wrote:
u r thinking way too complicated.
Take ur computer, open it, take the hard drive out, attache it to a
working linux box and READ anything on the extra drive.

Not if the filesystems are encrypted, which is possible.

It's like taking a picture of your old system's memory after u turned
the machine off.

I'm quite familiar with how the OS works.

so, u don't need to watch a horror movie to be horrified. This is such a
simple thing to do. I call that very horrifying... how about u.

You're thinking too simply. I for one do encrypt any data that I want to protect. I assure you, without the assistance of a Federal 3 letter organization, you could not retrieve any data from my travelling laptop.

If you're foolish enough to permit a powered down computer into the hands of someone who intends to do you harm, then you're not thinking smart, which is not complicated...

Until later, Geoffrey

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