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Re: [suse-security] cyrus-SASL - need help

Am Friday 18 November 2005 15:44 schrieb Milan Milosevic:

> I'm not sure if this question should be posted here, but I hope
> someone can help.
> I tried to install Postfix smtp server on suse 10 (64 bits). I did
> everything as it is written in some manuals have found online. Now,
> postfix works find but I have problem with sasl authorization.
> As I read I have to use cyrus-SASL for that and I installed it. I
> set it up to use shadow method (I start it with saslauthd -a shadow)
> for checking authorization.
> When I try to log in on smtp server in error log file I get: size read
> failed.
> I tried to test login with commenad: testauthd -u user -p password and
> I get same error message.
> Also, I tried to configure ldap or pam method but I didn't know how...

Stop saslauthd and start it in a shell manually with an additional "-d".

# saslauthd -da pam

And you will see some debug-Outputs.

Try it with testsaslauthd and check the Output in the other Window. Show the 
Complete Messages.

> Anyone have idea how to solve the problem with "size read" error?
> Thank you in advance.
> Please, if this question is not for here let me know where to post it.
> I tried at few forums but no one answered.


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