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[suse-security] SlightlyOT: [was] How do I encrypt the swap (partition[s]) under SuSE 9.3 Prof ?

Stupid question:
How about having no swap partition at all and giving the box enough RAM?
I couldn't think of a bullet prove way of hiding the key for the 
encrypted partition. An option would be that you enter a password
Every time you boot the box but that's most probably not what you want.


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Betreff: Re: [suse-security] SlightlyOT: [was] How do I encrypt the swap
(partition[s]) under SuSE 9.3 Prof ?

Hi Carlos,

Carlos E. R. wrote:
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> El 005-11-19 a las 06:36 -0200, Ariel Sabiguero Yawelak escribió:
>>> You might consider erasing the swap partition when powering off, 
>>> using for the purpose "/etc/init.d/halt.local". The perfomance while 
>>> in use will be better, but halting will be much slower.

Erasing is no good idea. Too much can go wrong,
and you never will find out.


>> But on the other hand, you are leaving your information 
>> thief-readable whenever halt.local is not executed. If the system 
>> does not shut down clearly, or the thief knows that he has to unplug 
>> the cable (remove the batery) instead of initing-6 he is done.
> If the thief can get to my PC while running, I have bigger worries. He
> might be armed! 

So you shutdown youre system whenever going to toilet.
Or for a cup of coffee......

I know of stolen Laptops during working hours.

> Yes. But I'm not that "paranoid".

You Should be!
Or forget thinking about Security.

> As I use "suspend to disk", what worries me is that the password to the 
> encrypted partitions is saved in clear in the swap partition - this a 
> pending problem. And encrypting the swap partition would not solve it, 
> because then I could not suspend to disk, and also I fear that swapping 
> would be much slower.

Give it a try. On most systems you can switch over in running
state. (And also back ;-) )


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