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Re: [suse-security] SlightlyOT: [was] How do I encrypt the swap (partition[s]) under SuSE 9.3 Prof ?

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Kübeck wrote:
> Stupid question:
> How about having no swap partition at all and giving the box enough RAM?

This is possible, but has some performance hints.
(You can use less Ram for HD-caching.)

> I couldn't think of a bullet prove way of hiding the key for the 
> encrypted partition.

You do not need to store the Key, cause the key is only
held in the memory during runtime, and lost during shutdown.
There is a new Key generated every boottime.

Remember, swapspace, like Ram can be empty during booting.

 An option would be that you enter a password
> Every time you boot the box but that's most probably not what you want.



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