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[suse-security] Martian source... Need to have route to other networks via internal interface. What to do?


I have SLES9 and two interfaces eth0 & eth1.
eth0 has real ip address like 217.x.x.x
eth1 has local ip address
Default gateway on this system belongs to real ip address network 217.x.x.x via eth0.
eth0 is described as External inteface in suse firewall.
eth1 is described as Internal one.
No NAT etc.
Kernel security is on.
LAN has several nets like 192.168.x.0/24.

Accessing net like i got 'martian source' kernel message. I tried to make route to via but still have same error log. Where to dig? I dont want to create aliases for each network (it works but too ugly). Is possible the pretty solution for me?

Next, what you recommend as linux implementation of Cosco's EIGRP? Ciscos use EiGRP to keep routes between them using net.

Sergei Keler
General DataComm
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