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Re: [suse-security] SuSE Firewall/Router

OIivier Grossmann wrote:
> i've configured a suse 10.0 base machine with router functionality and a
> proxyserver (squid). 
> I've activated package forwarding and have two network
> cards. 
package forwarding?
> The problem is i can specify the proxy server or i couldn't - it doesn't
> matter!! It is important that every client have to specify the proxyserver
> - only over the proxy! How can I do that?
If I understand you correctly, you are wanting to make sure all clients
go through the proxy.  I would suggest using the redirect rules in
SuSEfirewall2, and configure squid as a transparent proxy.  The rule
reroutes all http traffic through squid, so all clients would be proxied
with no extra settings for them.

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