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Re: [suse-security] Close all ssh sessions

Miguel ALBUQUERQUE schrieb:

How can one force closing an open ssh session ? I want to disconnect a user right after executing a script no waiting for a timeout. Is that possible ?

I've 3 ideas


What about to replace the login shell in /etc/passwd with the script
the user can invoke. If script is done user gets logged out :O)_



One can invoke a script via

ssh a.ip.addr.ess "command"

so if you can disable interactive sessions in sshd it will fulfill your
requirements (Dunno how to accomplish that ad hoc)


man bash

PPID   The process ID of the shell's parent.  This variable is readonly.

If one invokes a script this variable should contain the PID of the underlying bash. Just kill -9 $PPID in the of the script.

Hope that helps

the polarizer

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