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Re: [suse-security] How to make SuSEfirewall2 accept packets passing bridge-interface (solved)


Am Sonntag, 27. November 2005 16:06 schrieb Philippe Vogel:
> Christian Boltz schrieb:
> > Am Sonntag, 27. November 2005 01:30 schrieb David Huecking: [...]
> >
> >> The only question now is: In which start/ init-script should I
> >> put the commands to build the bridge-device in case of a reboot
> >> and when I don't want to build the bridge manually. It has to
> >> happen after the physical network-interfaces...
> >
> > Write your own small initscript (based on /etc/init.d/skeleton) and
> > enter "network" in Required-Start. Then insserv yourscript
> Another solution is to put a call to your script into
> /etc/init.d/boot.localnet (behind marker "start"). In this case after
> any updates to that script you will have to rewrite the script again.

This makes this "solution" unreasonable.

> This action has the advantage that you get your process started in
> the right place. [...] There is some kind of non
> standard handling of init-scripts in SuSE which makes problems with

Huh? I don't know what should be non-standard in the init scripts. Can 
you please explain?

> your own init-scripts e.g. with flexlm so some stuff must be started
> in SuSE's scripts to be run in the right place on boot. There is a
> requirement section in the init-script telling when to start and what
> is required but this doesn't work at all. 

For me, it always worked.

Please show the "INIT INFO" section of your initscript - I guess there's 
something wrong with it.

> I always had to make a symlink in /etc/init.d/rc* by hand to start 
> script x exactly when I want it to start. 

This will break at the next insserv run (which will re-sort the 
symlinks) so it is also unreasonable.

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GPG told me that your signature was broken :-(


Christian Boltz
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