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Re: [suse-security] Where to get nessus for 10.0?


On 2/7/06, Darko Gavrilovic <firstname.lastname@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nessus 2.x is in the repository. You might want to check those settings.

I think the settings are right (othervice YaST will complain). It's
just not available from Guru, PackMan or the GM-Extra from SUSE. Can
you check from which repository you have it installed from?

> You could also search for it in http://rpm.pbone.net/

Or register at nessus.org - thanks Keith - (there is newer version
there too), but I'm still far more confortable in installing software
from YaST than by doing it manually :-) And I'm slightly surprised
that nessus is not in any of the YaST repositories I listed. After
all, I think it's one of the leading tools, or have I missunderstod
(I think NMAP is great, even though the KDE-GUI from Guru didn't work
for reports, but I just finds open ports and doesn't do anything
beyond that.)


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