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Re: [suse-security] Where to get nessus for 10.0?

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, HG <hg.list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:-


On 2/7/06, Darko Gavrilovic <firstname.lastname@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Nessus 2.x is in the repository. You might want to check those settings.

I think the settings are right (othervice YaST will complain). It's
just not available from Guru, PackMan or the GM-Extra from SUSE. Can
you check from which repository you have it installed from?

If you've installed from the DVD, it's present on that. If you've used the CDs, either the boxed set or from the downloaded ISOs, you'll probably need to add one of the opensuse.org mirrors as an installation source. Once you do, YaST should find it easily. As an example, ftp.gwdg.de has it under:


with the source under:


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