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Re: [suse-security] Intrusion spyware malware key stroke detection

I use suse 9.3 pro on home network. Boxed retail DVD set.   Suse firewall. 
Security updates are current.   KDE  Konqueror and / or Firefox. Comcast 
cable internet service provider.   No alias. 

 Everyday I am seeing spam email which is a reflection of complex 
sensitive key word phrases I had typed into google just  a few days 

What are the security implications of this?  How do I configure what I have to 
stop this?  What additional measures might be appropriate?  Is this spying 
for  commercial purposes or could it be US Government spying?  The linux 
network worm?

Aliasing?  Fire wall configuration?  Stop always connected cable internet and 
go back to using on demand dialup.?

My first reactions are to look into aliasing. Or go back to on demand dialup.  

But if keystrokes are being detected then there is no security.  Very 

Thanks to any who can help

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