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[suse-security] root password as normal user


I'm a newbie with linux.  Using SUSE 9.3 Pro

My root user ID and password work fine.  When I log in as a normal user, SUSE Watcher  alerts me that new updates are available.  I click on the check for updates.  Because of permissions, I get prompted for the root password.  I put in the root password but it says it's invalid.  This did work at one time.

I know it is good because I can switch users and log in as root with the same password.

At one time I renamed my "normal" user ID.  The updates still worked though.  I have just deleted my normal user and created a new user.  This did not help.

Other than what I've done thus far, I have no idea where to go next.


Everything's easy once you know how

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