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RE: [suse-security] root password as normal user

Sean wrote on Thu, 23 Feb 2006 6:44:47 PM EST:

> Hi,
> I'm a newbie with linux.  Using SUSE 9.3 Pro
> My root user ID and password work fine. 
> When I log in as a normal user, 
> SUSE Watcher  alerts me that new updates are available.  
> I click on the check for updates.  
> Because of permissions, I get prompted for the root password.  
> I put in the root password but it says it's invalid.  
> This did work at one time.

Hi Sean,

I ran into a similar problem.
It has to do with how the path is set.

So what I do is just close the "SUSE Watcher" window
and then I either start up "fou4s" Or "YOU" as root,
where "YOU" is "yast on-line update".

With fou4s, I use a root shell which I start via a "console" 
by doing "sux -"
and then entering the root password.
(by doing "sux -" the path is correct...)

and with "YOU" I have an icon on my desktop,
and when I click on it it it asks me for
the root password.

(Of couse I could start yast from a root console,
similar to how I start "fou4s"
or by doing doing the run command {"alt + F2" ))

Going back to "yast"
I then click on ("Software") ==> "On Line Update" ==> etc.

I could set-up either fou4s <http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/>
or YOU to run auto-magically,
but I prefer to do my patches manually,
so that way I know what I need to re-start, etc.

For a discussion on what needs re-starting, see the thread starting:

[suse-security] Patch Noifications

Hope this helps,



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