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Re: [suse-security] SuseWatcher unable to check for updates

suse@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all.

I'm running SuSE 9.2 pro and have a problem with SuseWatcher not being able to check for updates.

SuseWatcher did used to work on my main machine.

It is still working on my laptop, and checks for updates there OK.

I have checked the update log for my server, and this is the message I get:

ERROR(Media:file not found)[HTTP return code: 404 (URL:

Any suggestions or ideas please.


In theory, theory and practice are the same;
In practice they are not.

I would manually go into

	yast online_update

and start an online update from a working source, then SuSEWatcher should choose to work from that source in the future.


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