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Re: [suse-security] Intrusion spyware malware key stroke detection

If it is not triggering, then I conjecture that your machine does not
have spyware, and it is some other form of coincidence or causality that
is bringing spam related to your recent searches, such as the
destination web sites sniffing your address from your web browser.


Martin wrote:
> Follow up:  
>  > 1. Make up 2 obscure search terms that you *never* would use.
>    2. Enter one of them into google.
>    3. Go visit the resulting web sites.
>    4. See if you get spam.
>    5. Enter the other search term into google
>    6. Do *not* visit any of the resulting web sites.
>  >  7. See if you get spam.  
> 	I did this.  Results are nothing relevant. .  
> Martin

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