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Re: [suse-security] Re: backup solution


Am Montag, 27. März 2006 20:41 schrieb Markus Gaugusch:
> On Mar 27, Andy <frum@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I want to ask for a backup tool for suse 10.
> > For the configuration files and mailserver I am using rsync to
> > backup the files.
> > How can I backup the user list and passwords... and recover them
> > easy in case of disaster??
> Second, the answer to your question is an easy one. The users and
> passwords are kept in the file /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.
> But instead of saving only those two (with tar), I would backup the
> whole /etc directory, e.g.
> # tar czvf /data/backup/etc.tar.gz /etc

I would not recommend compressed tar archives for doing backups - if one 
bit breaks, the whole archive can be unusable.

Andy: If you already have rsync running, just use it to save all 
of /etc.

If you need multiple backup instances, I'd recommend to use storeBackup 
on the rsync copy.

For those who understand german: (sorry, no translation available)
    7. Backup


Christian Boltz
[Subject: Re: hpdarm bei Systemstart]
Äh, sorry, es geht natürlich um hdparm, nicht um die Gedärme eines hp:-)
[Heinrich Eisterer in suse-linux]

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