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Re: [suse-security] SPAM:


On Sunday 16 July 2006 11:42, jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ...
> Saddest of all... if they are using say, kmail, all they have to do
> is open the client, (in this case client = program to those of you
> who are new to the computer game ) under the title bar there are
> several words across the top of the window , third across is "view" 
> select that then a list opens then select "headers" ( first one in
> the list , really, it is ) then choose "all headers" ( it's the last
> one in the list of headers )

For me, checking headers is something I do frequently enough that I've 
put two buttons on the toolbar so I can easily choose between "Fancy" 
and "All" header display.

KMail is the best!

> j


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