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[suse-security] Apparmor and chroot

Should we get rid of the old chroot jails and trust to apparmor?

They are both basically trying to avoid
 unforseen and unwanted access to the filesystem.

eg: The default profile for postfix fails because
 it doesn't bestow "chroot" privileges to smtpd.
Once bestowed, there are problems because
 the chrooted daemon wants to get to /default/some-file
 and doesn't know it's actually talking about /var/spool/postfix/default
Neither does apparmor  8^(

Is the best practise way to tell postfix NOT to chroot?

There are ways of breaking out of chroot jails aren't there?
Has apparmor been coded to secure the known techniques?
It's more versatile, is it more secure?
How much of a performance hit?

Thanks for any discussion of this,

PS: RTFM replies welcome; as long as they give links to the FM.

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