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[suse-security] YOU fails to update libzypp (rug)

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YOU wanted to update libzypp, package rug- to 
rug- It run, then said that it needed to restart, then it 
reported a bunch of files to update, which were _instantly_ updated. I 
wasn't satisfied (so fast? no time to download anything!), so I closed 
Yast manually and tried a second time: it wanted to update rug again!

I went this loop three times. The command rpm reported I had only the old 
version installed. Yast did not complain of any error, though, but it 

Finally, I downloaded manually rug- and installed it 
with rpm --upgrade, which worked flawlessly; then I fired up Yast which 
this time is updating a bunch of things (nearly 800 Mb!), including a 
kernel update.

  792Mb... how are modem users going to cope? No delta.rpm support in 
  yast... :-(

By the way, I find the current behaviour of yast, downloading a package, 
then installing it, downloading the next, installing it, worse than the 
previous behaviour of downloading everything in one operation. At least, 
being the install so slow now, it could continue downloading the next 
package while it installs the previous one at the same time. Linux is 
multitasking, right?

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       Carlos Robinson
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