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Re: [suse-security] YOU fails to update libzypp (rug)

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The Sunday 2006-07-23 at 13:36 +0200, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:

> > I went this loop three times. The command rpm reported I had only the old
> > version installed. Yast did not complain of any error, though, but it
> > failed.
> Same here. First, I thought it was my fault, e.g., I accidently deselected 
> the update while trying to see its details (previously happened some times 
> to me).

Then, it's clearly a bug.

> >   792Mb... how are modem users going to cope? No delta.rpm support in
> >   yast... :-(
> > (...).
> Really 792MB? That would have taken about 2 hours for me, just to download. 
> I do not think that it actually took that much time here.

That's what it said. Before rug's update, it was always saying "zero". I 
can't certify it, I went away to buy the paper meanwhile.

It was a kernel update, several things related to X and video, sax?... 16 
things in all. Some of them could be pending from last week, though.

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       Carlos E. R.

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