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Re: SPAM: Re: [suse-security] Please cancel my e-mails

Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 7/23/06, George Simpson <gasjr4wd@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Only YOU can unsubscribe yourself. No one else can.
(sure wish people would read the headers!)

List-Subscribe:         <mailto:suse-security-subscribe@xxxxxxxx>
        List-Unsubscribe:       <mailto:suse-security-unsubscribe-
        List-Help:      <mailto:suse-security-help@xxxxxxxx>

Isn't it obvious that these instructions should be in the message body instead?

Saying "read the headers" is obviously an approach that does not work.

Placing this info in the body is a waste of space. Further, when folks subscribe, they are sent a message on how to unsubscribe. If they don't keep track of that, it's not the list fault, and it's not the rest of the subscribers fault. Yet that is who pays for the wasted bandwidth.

Until later, Geoffrey

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little
security will deserve neither and lose both.  - Benjamin Franklin

Check the headers for your unsubscription address
For additional commands, e-mail: suse-security-help@xxxxxxxx
Security-related bug reports go to security@xxxxxxx, not here