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Re: [suse-security] susefirewall2 problem (SuSE 10.1) [solved]

Carlos E. R. wrote:

>>> FW_TRUSTED_NETS=",tcp,ftp,tcp,ftp-data \
>>> ## Type:        string
>>> ## Default:
>>>,tcp,ssh \
>> Argh, such lines would be surpressed, regardless which regex you used.
>>> I removed the comments in the middle and the error got corrected. I can't
>>> understand how they got there :-O
>> Does not matter. You found the error. :)
> Well, I'd like to know if I have to blame myself or not ;-)

>From older messages on this list, I learned that defining a variable
over multiple lines is not allowed in SuSEfirewall (and probably on all
configuration files handled by SuSEconfig).

The error you are seeing is due to an update from SuSEfirewall2 (which
recreated the conf file) or to a configuration through yast.

So, forget using

FOO="                   \         \         \

and type

FOO="" .

Or, don't use yast to edit your FW config and save/check/restore after a
SuSEFirewall2 update.

Regards, Richard

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