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Re: [suse-security] Statefull packet inspection in SuSEfirewall2

Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> I'd expect the 10.1 SuSEfirewall2 rpm to work on 9.3, you don't need
> to update the whole distro.

On 10.1 I have SuSEfirewall2-3.4_SVNr142-5  (Sun 23 Apr 2006)
on  9.3        SuSEfirewall2-3.3-18.4       (Thu 30 Jun 2005)

Aren't there any new netfilter/iptables features introduced on 10.0 or
10.1 used by SuSEfirewall2-3.4_SVNr142-5 ?

Is someone on this list using the 10.1 version on a 9.3 system?

This is a production system, and security is VERY important, just
updating to test if it works is not possible. 8)

Thanks, Richard

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