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Re: [suse-security] Command line version of You

On 7/25/06, suse@xxxxxx <suse@xxxxxx> wrote:
There is a beta version of fou4s for 10.1 at http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/

The entire zen/rug thing still has yet to even provide the functionality
of the previous update system (no delta rpms, for instance) and takes
far more resources.

YaST also complained that it can't add the non-oss and similar SuSE
installation sources to ZEN.

fou4s is a rather large shell script that manages updates via the
command line and is designed to easily be put into a cron job to check
and download updates, then install them at your command. (or even
install them from cron, if you prefer)  It's kinda sad when a shell
script is a better system than zen/rug.

The YaST from a DVD failed to update for me at all (last week.)

So, I got the fou4s beta, and had to run it about three times to get
everything to update (on the first run it updated rpm.  It also had to
update yast and the kernel, it I recall correctly - so it was a fairly
fundamental update.)  However, after that everything was working

David Corking

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