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[suse-security] YOU using local network mirror


I have given up on YOU mirror selection
in 10.1 and have begun mirroring
".../update/10.1" locally.

1)    YOU no longer provides any control (that I can find)
   for user selection of the remote mirror in the setup or
   configuration menus.

2)  After a fresh default install on both AMD64 and x86 systems,
   YOU fails and reports that no updates are available after
configuring with a valid mirror site.
3)    Update attempts with command line tools and
   with ZEN all fail with complaints about dependency errors.
   The errors cite dependency faults for "zmd-restart" that
   block all updates.

Network and DNS  operate correctly during the failures.

After I  add the local network address of my mirror
to "Installation Sources"  it takes 3 cycles with
YOU to get a full set of patches applied.

This is not what I expected from 10.1 and SuSE.


Charles Brooks


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