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[suse-security] How to not allowing YoU to update the kernel?

Hello guys!

I've been trying to find a manual for YaST (YoU) but haven't found the answers.. Hope you're not killing me for raising this question in this group, but it is
somehow security related, at least for my part :-)

As I have installed a program that requires the server to have a "stable" kernel
version I would like YoU to NOT update the kernel unless I say so.  If the
kernel is updated I have to recompile the beforementioned program in order
for it to work... (...in case of an emergency/uncontrolled reboot)

I've taken a look at YoU and found the kernel in the list and kinda "locked" it (there's a symbol of a lock next to it and it says Protected - Do Not Modify). I wonder if this is the correct procedure for not having an uncontrolled kernel update.

Best regards.

Odd Arne Beck

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