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[suse-security] Upgrading SLES9 Susefirewall2 to SuSE9.3

Susefirewall2 fills my logs with reports of dropped packets
 as a stupid windows network monitor tries to talk SNMP.

I've asked them to stop, but often "fixing the internet"
 is not the easiest way to resolve problems.

The SLES9 version of Susefirewall2 lacks the parameter
# Packets to silently reject without log message.

So as I've done so often, I upgraded the SLES9 RPM.
rpm -Fvh SuSEfirewall2-3.3-18.noarch.rpm

Pulled a copy of  /etc/sysconfig/Susefirewall2
 across from my 9.3 workstation and customised it.
Rebooted and it seems to work fine.
I'll give it a week and upgrade all the production boxes.

Just wanted to share that, (and see if anyone knew why not...)

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