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[suse-security] A nice Security Enhancement For SuSE

The one thing I really miss from Netware which Novel could port
to SuSE is Salvage.

For those who don't know, Netware offered a Salvage option where 
files erased or overwritten could be recovered because Netware would
attempt to not write over that same location, preferring instead the least
recently used location where the file would fit.  (Adhering to theory
that unused disk space was wasted disk space).

Therefore, UNTIL the system actually needed the space, you could go to the
console and recover recently deleted files. Obviously, it didn't help for 
files discovered missing today, but which were deleted 2 months ago.

Files that grew larger but remained in place were not salvageable,
so databases and mbox files couldn't be recovered this way, but
the document you deleted by accident usually was recoverable
if you attended to it right away.

Would such a thing be possible in any linux file system?

John Andersen

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