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Re: [opensuse-security] Daylight Savings Time patches for SUSE version 9

Hello Aissa,

> Does anyone know where I can get Daylight Savings Time patches for SUSE
> version 9 
> Thanks so much.
> Aissa

There is no product SUSE version 9, just SUSE Linux 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 and 
9.3, with only 9.3 being supplied with updates as of today (and that for 
not much longer any more). Most of the consumer products have had an 
update of the timezone package (a sub-package of the glibc package, btw.) 
on Feb 22nd and can be downloaded from just about every mirror of 

The same applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10, with the only 
difference that the updates are available for download after registration 
on the servers that are listed in the docs (that come with the package).

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