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Re: [opensuse-security] Weird encrypted filesystem problem.

Carlos E. R. wrote:
> I'm finally trying this up, but I can't make it go. I compiled
> cryptsetup-legacy.tar.gz using the script "compile.sh". I have
> kernel-source installed (I'm running my own compiled kernel).
> [...]
> Perhaps I should add my own directory to "/usr/src/linux-obj/i386/" (I
> don't know how), or copy the modified dm-crypt.c to
> /usr/src/linux/drivers/md/ and recompile the whole module tree? The last
> one probably needs rebooting.

In this case modify the script to use the directoy where your kernel
sources are. Alternatively patch your kernel sources directly. Or
just try a 10.3 Alpha version, the dm-crypt patch is included there


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