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Hey folks,

I have a SLES-9 server which is running vpn software that creates a tunnel 
utilizing tun0 network devices. I access the tunnels from a number of other 
machines on a local network via default routes to this SLES-9 server.

I would like to setup the SuSEFirewall on this particular machine. I have not 
been able to figure out the combination of configuration values which will 
allow the SLES-9 to still allow routing from the local network to the tun0 

Any suggestions as to which items to look at?

Next question (and the reason I want the firewall up in the first place). I 
want to only allow a certain set of ip's on my local network to access the 
tun0 device on the SLES-9 server. I want to limit the ip's of devices which 
can route through this box.


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