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[opensuse-security] SuSefirewall - protect sshd


I'm a bit confused with Susefirewall. I have had a number of robot
attacks against sshd so I set the following rule in SuSefirewall to
limit the number of allowable sshd logins per 60 second period:


which I assume will limit sshd logins to only 3 per 60 seconds however
when I check my log I still get:

Mar 10 01:32:54 sshd[19890]: Invalid user patrick from
Mar 10 01:32:56 sshd[19892]: Invalid user patrick from
Mar 10 01:33:09 sshd[19904]: Invalid user rolo from
Mar 10 01:33:11 sshd[19906]: Invalid user iceuser from
Mar 10 01:33:12 sshd[19908]: Invalid user horde from
Mar 10 01:33:14 sshd[19910]: Invalid user cyrus from
Mar 10 01:33:16 sshd[19912]: Invalid user www from

Did I forget something or do I need to set some other parameter as well?
(yes I did restart the firewall and even re-booted the system for good
Thanks for any suggestions or help.

Rgds. Otto Rodusek.

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