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Re: [opensuse-security] SuSefirewall - protect sshd

Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Otto Rodusek (AP-SGP) wrote:
>> I'm a bit confused with Susefirewall. I have had a number of robot
>> attacks against sshd so I set the following rule in SuSefirewall to
>> limit the number of allowable sshd logins per 60 second period:
>> FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_EXT="0/0,tcp,22,,hitcount=3,blockseconds=60,recentname=ssh"
> Provided that your network interface is in the external zone this
> should work fine.
> cu
> Ludwig
Hi Ludwig,

Yes my interface is indeed in the external zone. From my log files (as
per below) I can see that it does not however work
. I'm not sure what to try next to make it work!! Rgds. Otto.

[hundreds of such lines]
Mar 10 01:32:54 sshd[19890]: Invalid user patrick from
Mar 10 01:32:56 sshd[19892]: Invalid user patrick from
Mar 10 01:33:09 sshd[19904]: Invalid user rolo from
Mar 10 01:33:11 sshd[19906]: Invalid user iceuser from
Mar 10 01:33:12 sshd[19908]: Invalid user horde from
Mar 10 01:33:14 sshd[19910]: Invalid user cyrus from
Mar 10 01:33:16 sshd[19912]: Invalid user www from

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