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Re: [opensuse-security] rpmdb: malloc: Cannot allocate memory: 4278


Am Montag, 30. Juni 2008 schrieb Cristian Rodríguez:
> Christian Boltz escribió:
> > I have a 10.2 system that refuses to install updates :-(
> >
> > zypper aborts with the message
> >     rpmdb: malloc: Cannot allocate memory: 4278
> > and YOU also simply crashes.
> huh.. is machine's memory OK ?

I hope so ;-)  (yes, I know that this is not a very useful answer...)

What I can say is:
- I didn't notice any other problems until now - everything except 
  zypper (MySQL, Apache etc.) runs stable
- zypper reproducably shows the described error message, even after a 
- and finally: I have no physical access to the server, so things aren't 
  that easy. However, I could ask the hoster to attach a KVM that can be 
  reached over the network and run memtest then. (The customer won't be 
  amused about the downtime, but...)
  Ideas how to test the memory without downtime are welcome ;-)

> what is the value of /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory ?

# cat /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory


Christian Boltz
Come on, just change ftp to ftp4 and go on.
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