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Re: [opensuse-security] SSH access refused for legitimate user under heavy load


Then you can look at
config file in the "FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_EXT" section.
The hitcount/blockseconds identifiers do not occur in this file...

Not been able to look at the post you are replying to, as it was a private
mail, I assume he told you to look at an entry like this:


which would have that effect of limiting to 3 attempts per minute.

Should I investigate other paths than the firewall?  Any clues?

Search for ssh related entries en /var/log/messages. Like:

May 2 14:48:04 nimrodel sshd[24255]: Accepted publickey for cer from ::1 port 24897 ssh2

You could see a reject. You can also increase verbosity in the sshd log.

--> you could also try to issue "iptables -L" on the SSHD server machine. It lists all current iptables rules. On my machine with a fairly standard SuSE firewall (SuSE 10.3) if find these two lines:

LOG tcp -- anywhere limit: avg 3/min burst 5 state NEW tcp dpt:22 LOG level warning tcp-options ip-options prefix `SFW2-INext-ACC-TRUST ' ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere state NEW,RELATED,ESTABLISHED tcp dpt:22

So there seems to be some kind of rate limiting active even if I did not intentionally configure it in "SuSEfirewall". Do you find similar rules on your server machine ?



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