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Re: [opensuse-security] Firefox exploit found in the wild-Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2015-78

Dear Rick, Marcus,

On Thursday 2015-08-13 17:35, Rick Chung wrote:

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 11:04:08 AM Marcus Meissner wrote:

Our original plan was to fold wait for Firefox 40. This is also
the version currently in the QA queue for openSUSE.

I hope we can release it today.

Ciao, Marcus

Thank you Marcus for this update.

I hope that I didn't sound too abrupt or demanding: I really appreciate the great job that you all do with openSUSE.

In the meantime, I tweaked a few Firefox features and switched to "Always Ask"
for PDF preview on Application Preferences.

I can of course do this: my concern is for other users that I support who don't know that this vulnerability exists, and even if they knew wouldn't understand how it could affect them or what to do about it. (Yes, there are Linux desktop users like that out there :-)

From long experience, I know that system administration must be done at the system level. Any sysadmin strategy that relies on getting the users to do something is a broken strategy. In this case, the only realistic fix that can be rolled out to non-technical users is to update Firefox to a version that is patched for this vulnerability.


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