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[opensuse-security] Security issue with Docker / namespaces?

Hi guys,

I am afraid of a security issue with Docker.
Sorry but I have no other machines to test for now, so it might be a
local issue only.

I realized that today when running an Ubuntu container :

    % docker run -ti --rm --hostname=ubuntu --net=host ubuntu /bin/bash

It runs a bash shell inside the Ubuntu container.

But, from within the container (screenshot attached):

    % apt update
    # should fail, not finding the command
    % zypper refresh
    # unexpectedly, it would work and refresh the host repos!

Of course, this is absolutely abnormal and I am still evaluating the
exact impact.

I can tell that the issue was not here one week ago (I have been a quite
intensive Docker user for around 2 years).

So I am not sure what is causing this behavior.

Looking forward to reading some feedbacks.

Best regards,


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