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Re: Lotus NOTES


You may want to check out a little utility I wrote to assist in 
auditing Lotus Domino servers in specific.  

DominoDig is an open-source (GPL) utility written by myself (Grant
Torresan) for the purpose of quickly and cheaply auditing Lotus Domino
web servers and extracting useful information from any anonymously
accessible pages that are found.

Features of note include the following:

-Searches for a large number of default notest databases.
-Parses contents of each page it accesses looking for references to
other unique (custom) .nsf databases.
-Collects email addresses and unique IP addresses that appear in any
page it indexes.
-Produces an HTML report detailing all of the information it was able
to gather, and a list of hyperlinks to each .nsf database it was able
to access anonymously.

If you are interested in trying it out, please browse to
http://dominodig.sourceforge.net for the latest release.  Please note
that this software is a "work-in-progress" and as such it is being
freqently updated and new features are being added all the time.  If
there is a paricular piece of information DominoDig is not searching
for that you think would be particularly useful, or if you encounter
any problems with the software, please let me know by sending me an
email at sonofthor@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope this helps,

Grant Torresan.

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> Bruno,
> Check out:
> http://www.dominosecurity.org
> http://www.lotus.com/security
> http://www.appsecinc.com/cgi-bin/show_policy_list.pl?
> =3
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> Aaron
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> Does anyone knows a good source of Lotus Notes security 
> issues/holes?
> []'s Bruno Mosconi
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