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Release: Paketto Keiretsu 1.10

DoxPara Research is proud to announce the latest release of the Paketto
Keiretsu, version 1.10. New in this release:

*  OpenBSD Support
*  Solaris (and Big-Endian) Support
*  "Distco" mode to Scanrand, for quickly discovering the distance to an
arbitrary host. Fast RSTs don't reset the TTL, so RST TTL / 2 = average
distance. We use a barren segment of the TTL range to detect and evaluate
TTL reflection.
*  Many, many bug fixes
*  Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Paketto may be acquired at: http://www.doxpara.com/paketto

Besides code, I've made available my Umeet 2002 presentation regarding
Paketto, the latest edition of my Black Ops of TCP/IP slides, and video of
Phentropy in action.


Yours Truly,

   Dan Kaminsky
   DoxPara Research