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A very good site with lots of shellcodes for different platforms is:


You'll also find various tutorials and documentation there.

Best regards,

Bojan Zdrnja

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> From: xa6 at g-Con [mailto:xa6@xxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: 26. prosinac 2002 20:40
> To: vuln-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: ASM OpenBSD
> Im making a shellcode in linux just for practicing and fun, i have no
> problems in linux but when i wanna do something for OpenBSD the syntax
> for ASM its very strange in openbsd and i thing its a little 
> complicated
> in BSD (like the ____main its so crappy) etc.., my question is , where
> can i get a paper related for making shellcodes in openbsd or ASM
> programming in openbsd