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Re: Is this PHP code secure from CSS ?

You migh also want to check out: http://libox.net/sanitize.php
People already written functions that you should use

Hope that helps,

> Le ven 26/09/2003 Ю 17:21, kha a Иcrit :
>> $login = mysql_escape_string($post-login);
>> $password = mysql_escape_string($post-password);
>> $lines = performQuery("select id from users where name='$login' and
>> pass='$password'");
>> Do i need only the mysql_escape_string function to prevent sql
>> injections in
>> the form or i should perform other checks ?
> You should perform any test you can perform. mysql_escape_string can
> happen to be buggy one day, who knows. Another cool function you can use
> for input validation is PHP safe mode magic_quotes_* settings.
> Anyway, if you decide both login and password should contains only
> alphanumeric characters, you should enforce $login and $password against
> a [a-zA-Z0-9] based expression before constructing your SQL query.
>> NB : passwords are not yet encrypted in the database.
> :/
> NB : what you want to avoid here is not CSS (one usually says XSS), but
>      SQL injection.
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