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I've found the Allchin bug.


Nope. You're wrong. He wasn't referring to windows message queues, he was referring to MSMQ. You'll find that MSMQ has GUID

   Interface UUID: 77df7a80-f298-11d0-8358-00a024c480a8
   Interface Ver: 1
   Interface Ver Minor: 0

and that opnums 6, 7 and 8 are quite clearly MQLocateBegin, MQLocateNext and MQLocateEnd. Try passing an overly-long string as an MQRESTRICTION to the MQLocateBegin function, and you'll find a unicode heap overflow in mqsvc.exe that lets you overwrite an arbitrary address with an arbitrary long.

You'll also find that this works in w2k sp2, and not in sp4; I haven't tested sp3 yet. Looks like they quietly fixed it up without any great publicity.....

If anyone needs further convincing, I'll tidy up and post my p-o-c code, but I think it's pretty clear from his words that he meant MSMQ and not the underlying win32 api.


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