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RE: Delphi and buffer overflows

Delphi can use Pascal strings as well as generic windows strings
(Pchar). When interfacing with Windows API there is no other option
except using Pchar. 
This mean that potentially Delphi is a bit safer, because the potential
problems can be isolated - more experienced developers are allowed to
work with Pchar, while less experienced allowed to work only with
encapsulated functionality using String.
However it still coming down to the same answer - there are no safe
languages, there are safe 

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Subject: Delphi and buffer overflows

Hi,i looked all over the web but i couldnt find information about buffer
overflows in delphi programs.

I think that as far as delphi uses pascal style strings,programs made in
delphi are much safer than those made in c/c++.

1)Is really delphi much safer?

2)Where can i find information about secure programming in delphi?