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Re: Outlook Mailto URL:vulnerabilty

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  I unerstand your problem, I've been working on building a proof of concept for our pen test scripts, but havn't had any luck with it yet. I talked to the developer of the original proof of concept, he's only gotton it working on windows 98 with outlook express. I'll keep you updated if I find anything.


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>I have been trying to write an exploit for the Outlook Mailto URL 
>vulnerability, but have been unsuccesfull up to this point.  I have tried on 
>both and windows 2000 and windows XP machine using Outlook 2002.  All of the 
>proof of concept codes and other documentation does not seemt o work.
>I consistently receive an error of invalid switch parameter when attempting 
>to use<html>
><!-- This is the exploit string. -->
><img src="mailto:aa&quot; /select
>utlilizing the select switch consistently produces the same error.  There 
>does not seem to be a way to get Outlook to receive the proper command 
>string.   Is this potential vulnerabiity exploitable?  Does anyone have any 
>suggestions on how to move forward?
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