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Metasploit Win32 Shellcode Updates

Hello everyone,

The shellcode section at metasploit.com has been updated with the complete 
build environment for the Metasploit Framework Win32 payloads.  These 
payloads are fairly small and can be compiled either all at once, or 
broken up into separate stages to save space. 

A CGI application is also available that allows you to generate and encode 
any of the Framework payloads from the web, this can be handy for quick 

The URL for all this stuff is:


--- cut from the README ---

The 'nasm' executable must be in your path to use the included build tool.

The included 'build' script automatically creates a number of file types
each time it is used to compile a payload. These file types are:

    - Native ELF executable
    - Win32 PE executable
    - Generated C source code
    - Raw opcodes in ".bin" format

The PE executable templates were developed by Rix and used with 

To use this script, simply run ./build <name of payload>, where the name
does not include the ".asm" suffix. To build win32_stage_api.asm, the 
command line would be "./build win32_stage_api". 

The Win32 payloads are somewhat modular, each component includes other
components to create the final payload. The dependency tree for the
reverse connect shell is:


This allows the different components to be maintained invidually, shared 
among multiple payloads, and converted into multi-stage payloads almost
instantly. This release includes the following last-stage payloads:

    Executes cmd.exe with in/out redirected to socket, this is used by the 
reverse connect and bind stagers.
    This payload simply executes an arbitrary command line, it can be used 
to accomplish things such as ftp/download/execute sequences, adding a 
user accounts, or just signaling that the exploit was successful.
    Writes GetProcAddress/LoadLibaryA address to socket, then reads and 
execs the rest of the payload from the socket. This allows us to send 
InlineEgg generated payloads as a last stage.

    Reads a file size from socket, then opens up a hidden/system local 
file (c:\metasploit.exe) and downloads the executable from the socket 
into this file. Once the download is complete, it then executes this file 
with in/out redirected to the socket. This can be extremely useful when 
combined with a self-extracting/executing rootkit or language intepreter