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Re: GNU sharutils 4.2.1 PoC

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>below are some details ->
>static char output_base_name[50];
>      case 'o':
>        strcpy (output_base_name, optarg);
>sam@slackware:~$ /usr/bin/shar -o `perl -e 'print "a" x 4000'`
>Segmentation fault

...looked at this program awhile ago, the same buffer also gets used as a format string later on... you can abuse it that way if you like...

static void
open_output ()
  sprintf (output_filename, output_base_name, ++part_number);
  output = fopen (output_filename, "w");
  if (!output)
    error (EXIT_FAILURE, errno, _("Opening `%s'"), output_filename);

...although, you can get this program to execute code all over the place(non-memory corruption)...not that its a real threat, if its just for fun i get it.  a better method is to create a trojan'd archive for it to 'unshar'...which is quite doable.