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RE: trusted solaris pen testing

>There are two possibilities: either find out the trusted hosts, and take 
>their IP (DoS that box first) or go for the spoofing idea. 

	>Spoofing is hard, especially on a switched network. I currently don't 
	>know of any pre-written source that does this well. (I'm currently in 
	>the process of writing my own). So, if you would like to undertake this, 
	>you will probably need to write your own code. 

	>Remember, if spoofing an IP on a switched network you will need ARP 
	>spoofing in order to get the recieved packets. 

	Well, don't forget when spoofing arp on a switched network to enable ip forwarding on your box.

	Spoofing isn't hard when you have dsniff... 

	-Daniel Clemens

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