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RE: trusted solaris pen testing

"Cain and Able" can do lots of what you want, including setup for cool
Man-in-the middle attacks.


Spoofing is easy, especially on most switched networks.


This is a great tool which does exactly what you want in the right

There are lots of ways of doing this - ARP spoofing, ARP poisoning, ICMP
redirects etc.


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There are two possibilities: either find out the trusted hosts, and take 
their IP (DoS that box first) or go for the spoofing idea.

Spoofing is hard, especially on a switched network. I currently don't 
know of any pre-written source that does this well. (I'm currently in 
the process of writing my own). So, if you would like to undertake this, 
you will probably need to write your own code.

Remember, if spoofing an IP on a switched network you will need ARP 
spoofing in order to get the recieved packets.

Have fun,

-Jack C ("crEp")