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Re: get SP on Solaris (SPARC) with GCC 3.3.2

Inode wrote:
On my box the problem seem to be another...

(gdb) disass get_sp
Dump of assembler code for function get_sp:
0x00010dd8 <get_sp+0>:  mov  %sp, %i0
0x00010ddc <get_sp+4>:  retl
0x00010de0 <get_sp+8>:  nop
End of assembler dump.

but doesn't work...

Another way to get SP (maybe more simple) it's get the ARGV[0] of out program... work fine, but now I would try to undestand why with gcc 3.3.2 doesn't work this function...

Maybe you should try to take a look at: