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I just installed IE7 this morning, then promptly found my first bug.

Now, imagine instead of fruit, you're picking which bank account to transfer money to/from...

Sample Code:
<B>Please choose one:</B> &nbsp;
<SELECT onchange=alert('hi') size=1 name=favorite>
<OPTION value="">
<OPTION value=1>Apple
<OPTION value=2>Banana
<OPTION value=3 selected>Cashew
<OPTION value=4>Orange

You have to be very picky to reproduce:
1. click on the arrow at the right of the select, leave your mouse there
2. type first character of your selection
3. click on the arrow again (remember your mouse is still right there)
onchange never gets called!

In fact, if you do step 1 again, you can see your previous option is not highlighted; rather the original one "selected" is still highlighted!

If you move your mouse (even just a little), onchange does get called.